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Employer benefits from an apprenticeship program

Increased employee retention, lower turnover

  • Enhanced recruiting tool
  • Knowledge and experience passed on from long time workers to newer employees
  • Improved productivity and workplace safety
  • “by the employer, for the employer” relevant training
  • Tax credits and/or workforce funding available

Incumbent Worker Training

Incumbent Worker training is designed to meet the special requirements of an employer (including a group of employers) to retain a skilled workforce by assisting the workers in obtaining the skills necessary to retain employment and be positioned for promotions and/or wage increases. The training must be conducted with a commitment by the employer to retain the worker(s) trained and will result in each trainee receiving an industry recognized credential and/or certificate of completion.

To qualify, Companies must meet at least one or more of the following factors to be eligible for training funds:

  • Declining Sales
  • Supply Chain Issues
  • Adverse Industry/Market Trends
  • Changes in Management Philosophy or Ownership
  • Worker Does Not Have In-Demand Skills
  • Strong Possibility of a Job if a Worker Attains New Skills
  • Other “At-Risk” factors

Other Requirements:

  • Each Incumbent Worker training project requires a match, based on company size.
  • Match may be either by wages paid while employee is in training or by cash. Some types of training may not qualify for this program. • 309-368-0411


Quincy Workforce Center

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Connect with talented skilled job seekers in just a few clicks! is Illinois’ premier job board where you can post jobs, browse thousands of resumes and recruit job seekers.

Employers may earn up to $9,000 in federal tax credits for each eligible veteran they hire.

The Work Opportunity Tax Credits redo an employer’s cost of doing business and require little paperwork. For more information, call 312-793-6811 or visit:


Job Link is a resource provided by John Wood to connect job seekers with local employment opportunities. Potential employees get instant access to job postings. They can sign up to receive notifications of new jobs posted in their areas of interest. Employers can register for an employer Job Link account. Once logged in, employers can create new job postings, manage current job postings, and set start and end dates.


The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a Federal tax credit available to employers who hire individuals from eligible target groups with significant barriers to employment.

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The Honoring Investments in Recruiting and Employing American Military Veterans Act of 2017 (HIRE Vets Act or the Act), signed by President Trump on May 5, 2017, requires the Secretary of Labor to establish a program, by rule, that recognizes employer efforts to recruit, employ, and retain veterans. Employer-applicants meeting criteria established in the rule will receive a “HIRE Vets Medallion Award.” |

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Do you have Veterans, Guard, or Reservists employees? Do you want to attract and hire employees that are trained, trainable, and dependable - Military Service members?  Show your support by joining the Illinois Hires Heroes Consortium. Visit the website:



The Illinois Department of Employment Security is the code department of the Illinois state government that administers state unemployment benefits, runs the employment service and Illinois Job Bank, and publishes labor market information. It provides unemployed individuals and veterans employment services.

Quincy Workforce Center

107 N. 3rd St. | Quincy, IL 62301

217-221-6221 |

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The Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) is the state’s lead agency serving persons with disabilities. Our staff work one-on-one with individuals who have disabilities and their families to empower them to reach their employment, education, and independent living goals.

Quincy DRS Office

Division of Rehabilitation Services

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